Virtual Gaming Growth

Virtual Gaming Growth


All across PA there have been reports of growing businesses. People are investing in real estate again, apparently with amnesia for what happened not but a decade ago. People are getting online and starting new companies with money they get from online pledging campaigns. In any case, there is a growing connectivity across the globe which has led to a growing economic bubble. Some locals will attest that this is both good and bad.


Business growth leads to economic success

The interconnectivity of the world through international organizations such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, etc.… have led to a financial interdependency that caused a global financial crisis resulting from the United States’ subprime mortgage market crashing. It was because of government deregulation and poor regulation of investment banks on Wall Street that the market crashed, however this single nation crash based on poor standards of regulation led to an international financial crisis. This deficit for the United States, Japan, and Europe has allowed China to expand, costing the United States 2.4 million factory jobs after 2001 until 2008 and costing South Africa 300,000 textile jobs. This has created a loss of opportunities for talent in rich countries, costing the African continent $4.1 billion in over 150,000 expatriate professional employments each year. In India, their students are going abroad for continued studies which have cost a foreign exchange outflow of $10 billion each year.

Poker Growth

One of the areas where this growth is not entirely bad is that of online poker. Online poker has quickly become one of the more attractive business pursuits that globalization has brought. Places where there might be limited casinos or stricter casino laws now can offer online games to locals who want to play. Residents can play virtual games at casinos located halfway around the world if they want.

For the customers, the ability to get free things from the comfort of their home is attractive. People want things for free almost always. If they can play an online game without having to pay for gas, or take the time to drive to a casino location and pay for parking, they are already getting something out of it. But when there are bonuses, free tutorials, helpful learning games, free games even, they come back over and over because the long term gains or at least long term savings are well worth it.

Sites like offer many games. These are sites that locals from all over PA can enjoy, but sites that also help locals to bring in extra income. They make for excellent long term relationships between the customer and the business. Businesses are growing because of these long term relationships and because of lower operating costs for online games. As a result, more moeny is making its way into the local PA economy because of players and casino businesses alike. So while some bad has come from globalization, a lot of monetary good has come as well.