Keeping Pennsylvanians Safe

Keeping Pennsylvanians Safe


Security in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a long history in great industries such as coal and steel, leading up to today's successful finance and banking industries and more. As such, and due to the rise and fall of so many industries, the security industry is a necessity. With serious security guard training, one can find himself with a choice of options in the field of security. 

In Penn State, all security guards, even those who are unarmed, require a license. As such, there is a lengthy process which must be fulfilled, starting with the applicant (or the company which will be hiring him/her) petitioning the court for the relevant license. As the County Clerk is only able to provide a limited amount of information regarding this process, it is suggested that all applicants retain a lawyer for this purpose. The basic requirements to start the process are passport photographs, letters from character witnesses, police background check, as well as a fingerprint clearance card. The whole process comes with a fee. Penn security guard

It is also important to note that all applicants for roles in security must have reached 18 years of age, have US citizenship, be certified mentally competent, confirm no dependencies (such as drugs or alcohol) or disabilities which could affect performance whilst on duty.

Security at home

However when it comes to security closer to him – in your own house, office or car, it wise to have the details of a reliable trustworthy locksmith. 24/7 Nationwide Locksmiths, found at, is an authorized locksmith company for residents all across the U.S.. Our main goal is to offer our customers fast, reliable, and friendly lock-related service on a 24/7 ‘round-the-clock basis, 365 days a year, no exceptions."

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According to a new survey released in early 2017, Pennsylvania has "some of the safest, dangerous towns in the US – meaning that while there are a number of troubled areas there are also many safe towns suitable for raising a family. Within the top 100 safest towns in the US, only two from Pennsylvania made the list:  Plum (53) and Bethel Park (74). Plum actually has one of the lowest crime rates in the country with its crime rate lower than some 68percent of the cities and towns in the state of Pennsylvania.