Do You Play Mobile Games While Getting A Haircut?

Do You Play Mobile Games While Getting A Haircut?


As a barber shop or hair salon client, you most likely idly sit in your chair either waiting for your turn, or to marvel at your fresh look or new hair color. You might at times come across a chatty barber or hair stylist who will want to tell you all about their day, and this will make time fly by more easily. But if you are looking for a more quiet time, you might be looking forward to a few minutes of lecturing a magazine or watching TV.

But how many of you actually rely on your smartphones or tablets to play mobile games and make time pass by sooner?

Why Some Hair Salons Have A No Phone Policy

Often times, trying to use a smartphone while at the hair salon becomes a tricky task. Finding yourself in the salon, hunkered down to your chair with a protective robe over you might make it more difficult to pull your phone out and smart browsing the internet. This is why there are many hair salons are turning into no cellphone zones. The perils associated with sudden movements triggered by a game of poker a patron has won might cause them to injure themselves or their hair stylist with a pair of scissors or some other similar tool.

Also, getting lost in a captivating mobile game could also prevent patrons from paying attention to the head tilting instructions they should be following. This could also slow down the hair cutting/styling process and even cause it to fail. Hence, the reason why many establishments ask their customers to keep their smartphones tucked away and on silent.

labrokes offers rich selection of mobile gamesBut Why Do Some Clients Still Use Their Phones?

Because barbershops and hair salons are meant to be places for people to relax and pamper oneself. And one of the favorite and at the same time handiest means of relaxing and having fun is tied to playing mobile games on a phone. Many people will also want to make calls they wouldn't have time to make otherwise throughout the day. And since mobile technologies are already surpassing computers as we speak, there si no wonder we have all grown so atached to our portable devices and want to use them everywhere we go. If you wish to know more about how mobile tehcnologies are taking over computers, you can check out this article here You will also get an opportunity to learn more about the world-famous Ladbrokes brand, one of the leaders in the gaming and gambling market and a solid competitor in the mobile gaming industry as well.

Why Ladbrokes Decided To Go Mobile

The mobile device industry has come a long way since a few years ago when we were only able to use our phones to make phone calls and send text messages. Today, large touchscreen smartphones are taking over and replacing large and bulky laptops and desktop computers.

The largest gaming and gambling actors on the market are keeping up and developing exceptional products and services to cater to the needs of gamers on the run. Ladbrokes is one of these brands that are recording a huge success in the mobile gaming sector. They offer users and sport bettors alike some of the best mobile services, the same conditions under the shape of mobile services. So you should not be surprised to discover that a great deal of people prefer them as their go-to source of mobile fun while getting a haircut.

You can even join the success of the Ladbrokes team by becoming an affiliate of their Ladbrokes Partners program. You can promote their gaming and gambling platforms on your blog or website and get rewarded with their advantageous CPA, revshare, and hybrid commissions.